Welcome to "Folk at the Barlow".


Forthcoming Events


 Friday 4th November at 8.00 P.M.




Our monthly evening of songs and tunes from the Club regulars.  All welcome.






 Friday, 18th November at 8.00 PM.


Peta Webb & Ken Hall.


We are very pleased to welcome Peta Webb and Ken Hall to the club.  Peta is a Londoner with an Irish background who developed her acclaimed, highly individual vocal style through the influence of traditional Irish singers such as Sarah Makem.  Ken Hall was originally much influenced by the style of Bob Davenport and latterly has developed an interest in the Northern Irish style of singers such as Joe Holmes.  Peta and Ken came together to explore the rich sounds of acappella duet singing, drawing on American as well as British and Irish traditions.  They will be supported by Geoff Miller, one of the club's most popular resident singers.  







* Guests are placed on a list on the recommendation of Committee Members and regulars who attend singer's nights and guest nights.  

* The Committee vote on the list and the most popular artistes/groups are contacted.

* We never book guests or support acts on cold calls, emails or facebook requests.  If we wish to book, we will contact the artiste/agent directly.

* All gigs at the club are unplugged, unless specifically agreed in advance.

* Support on guest nights is provided by local artistes/groups chosen by the Committee.


Booking tickets

To book tickets for any of our events, please phone us on 07427 613783

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